NFN Quaker Meeting and Creative conversation 3 February 2022

Dear Friend,
We hope this note finds you well in the New Year!  We welcome you to our next Quaker Meeting and Creative Conversation on Thursday evening, 3 February at 7PM UK time, by Zoom.

John Richter will share his presentation, On the Edge of Quakers.

John writes:

There is a balance between the comfort of the familiar, hanging on to the way things have always been, as against the need to innovate, adapt and change.   Quakers are a Society, not a Religion, with members who have applied to join.   So we must not allow our Meeting Houses to become Churches or our creed to become silence.   We must benefit from being able to talk openly – both at looking inward at ourselves and outward at the world.
Additional information about our QM+CC and recordings of past CC presenters can be found on our website.
If you are interested in attending and have not registered, please email to register and request the zoom link

If you previously registered, there is no need to re-register, you are on the list.  You will automatically receive Zoom links to this and subsequent Meetings, approximately one week before each Meeting.  We ask that you please do not share the Zoom link with interested Friends, but encourage them to email the Clerk ( to register. You may unregister/unsubscribe at any time by replying to this email address.

In Friendship,
The QM+CC Working group (Gisela Creed, John Senior, William Purser, and Kiera Faber)
Nontheist Friends Network

NFN AGM 2022 – a message from our Clerk

Our clerk Tim Regan and the Steering Group issued the following notice to members by email last week.

We are planning to hold the next AGM of the Nontheist Friends Network on Zoom at 7:00 UK time on Thursday the 17th of February, i.e. interleaved between our monthly Creative Conversations. I hope you can come along. The provisional agenda for the AGM is:

  • Reports
    • Clerk
    • Treasurer
    • Website
    • Working Groups
      • MfW CC
      • Newsletter
      • Conference
      • Outreach
  • Steering Group (SG)
    • Gisela standing down
    • Call for new SG members
  • New and continuing working groups
  • Conference 2022
  • Britain Yearly Meeting 2022
  • Quaker Faith & Practice Revision

Email Tim ( if you would like to receive the Zoom link.

The minutes of this AGM can now be found here:

(N.B. As previous AGMs took place on 30th March 2019 and 9th December 2020, it is assumed the Steering Group or the AGM will decide if this AGM is for 2021—and we need another for 2022—or whether this AGM is to stand for another 12 months.)

Script of Piers’ talk 6 January

Piers has now let us have his script and it is well worth reading. He apologises for any short-comings in the sound of his talk and which the autoscript struggled with at times.

As I thought when listening to the talk, it is quite poetic and Piers has presented it in more or less blank verse with punctuation but no capitals. (Notice the internal rhymes and rhythm). If you read it to yourself it sounds quite like a ‘rap’ – and maybe ‘a wrap’.  I thought that on Thursday night but struggled to hear it whilst also having an ‘unstable internet connection’.

Some people thought the talk was a bit ‘black and white’ or a bit one-sided but it doesn’t come across like that (to me anyway) when you read it. Perhaps Piers is a little uncritical of China but his point there really is that we are exposed to a one-sided view and propaganda in our own media. (But I imagine Piers’ suggestion that the Dalai Lama is in ‘the pay of the CIA’ is the view of Chinese state propaganda which is (just/almost?) as nefarious as the CIA.)

I have added the script as text (html with a couple of hypertext links) to the original page about Piers talk here and the pdf is here. The audio file can be found in the usual place by scrolling down on the home page.

Please add your comments on the talk below here or on the previous post or wherever is convenient. (Don’t forget to select ‘notify me of comments/replies’ if you want to get a reply or follow the conversation)

6 January, 2022: Piers Maddox, and an event Mon 10 January 2022

Some 60 people enjoyed Piers’ presentation on the ‘Path of rightness in time of civilisational change‘.  This proved to be what I took to be a poetic polemic and challenge to all as to how we live our lives (all, or Quakers, or Nontheists).

Unfortunately I had problems with the sound as did the auto-transcription which struggled a bit and I hope Piers might be able to let us have a script. But the sound recording is now on our Home Page (scroll down a bit there).

There was much discussion afterwards of the self-examination and critical thinking required to meet Piers’ challenge although some felt that his view of China was somewhat rose-tinted even if the current treatment of China in the media is largely war-mongering propaganda.

At the very end, Arin (from London and I think she must be a member of the Quaker Socialist Society) thought that Friends may be interested to attend (on Zoom) the first event of the QSS celebration of the ‘Salter Centenary‘ (details there) on Monday 10th January. Arin advised that if you don’t have the book (about Ada Salter) you can read the wikipedia page (largely written by the same author, Graham Taylor, who will be present at the zoom meeting).

To apply for the zoom link fill in the form on the QSS contact page, and perhaps mention Arin and the NFN as the source of your information.

NFN Quaker meeting and Creative Conversation 6 January 2022

Dear Friends,

Thank you for registering for our Quaker Meeting and Creative Conversation, organized by the NFN, UK.

To open the New Year Piers Maddox will share his presentation, Path of rightness in time of civilizational change, on Thursday 6 January at 7PM UK time by Zoom.
Please arrive early, as the Meeting will start promptly at 7PM.  The Zoom Room opens at 6:45PM.

Email the Clerk ( to register if you have not done so before.

• Zoom Room opens at 6:45PM, please arrive early.
• 7PM: Welcome and Quaker Meeting: approximately 20 minutes for quietly gathering ourselves and connecting.
• Creative Conversation: up to 20 minutes for presentation or raising a question.
• Open Discussion: up to 40 minutes, in the Main Zoom room, for creative exchanges, expressions, and reactions.
• Conclusion: ending with a few moments gathered in silence.
• Duration:1hr:20m – 2hr (For interested Friends, we will leave the Zoom room open after the Meeting closes for casual conversations)

You will automatically receive Zoom links to subsequent Meetings, approximately one week before each Meeting. There is no need to re-register. We ask that you please do not share the Zoom link with interested Friends, but encourage them to email the Clerk ( to register. You may unregister/unsubscribe at any time by replying to this email address.

See you soon.

In Friendship,
The QM+CC Working group (Gisela Creed, John Senior, William Purser, and Kiera Faber)
Nontheist Friends Network