John Richter – On the Edge of Quakers

Our ninth ‘Creative conversation’ is to be presented by John Richter:
3 February 2022: John Richter, ‘On the edge of Quakers’.

John writes:
There is a balance between the comfort of the familiar, hanging on to the way things have always been, as against the need to innovate, adapt and change. Quakers are a Society, not a Religion, with members who have applied to join. So we must not allow our Meeting Houses to become Churches or our creed to become silence. We must benefit from being able to talk openly – both at looking inward at ourselves and outward at the world.

‘Perhaps, since hearing Krishnamurti’s talks in Friends House in the mid 1960s, I have remained close to Quakers.  I went through Scientology in San Francisco;  Christian Kabbala in Highgate; a Bhuddist Sangha in Dulwich and a career as a jewellery designer in New York.
I am now a member of Wells-next-the-Sea meeting in Norfolk, where I live and work as an artist.’

(NB: the links above are mainly to wikipedia articles. There are numerous links on the internet to Christian Kabbala and Buddhist Sangha/Buddhism.  The Wells meeting link is correct, that on is incorrect).

More information about John’s work as a Norfolk artist can be found here:

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