John Richter – On the Edge of Quakers

Our ninth ‘Creative conversation’ is to be presented by John Richter:
3 February 2022: John Richter, ‘On the edge of Quakers’.

John writes:
‘Perhaps, since hearing Krishnamurti’s talks in Friends House in the mid 1960s, I have remained close to Quakers.  I went through Scientology in San Francisco;  Christian Kabbala in Highgate; a Bhuddist Sangha in Dulwich and a career as a jewellery designer in New York.
I am now a member of Wells-next-the-Sea meeting in Norfolk, where I live and work as an artist.’

(NB: the links above are mainly to wikipedia articles. There are numerous links on the internet to Christian Kabbala and Buddhist Sangha/Buddhism.  The Wells meeting link is correct, that on is incorrect).

More information about John’s work as a Norfolk artist can be found here:

Website/log of the Non-theist Friends Network in Britain

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