Organisation of Nontheist Friends Network 2018-9

The Nontheist Friends Network has a Steering Group, whose members (2018-19) were: (2019-20 SG from 1/4/19 here).

  • Trevor Bending (London West Area Meeting) – (Website)
  • David Boulton (Kendal and Sedbergh Area Meeting)
  • Toni Calam (West of Scotland Area Meeting)
  • Gisela Creed (West of Scotland Area Meeting) – Clerk
  • Jo Jaffray (Kendal & Sedbergh Area Meeting)
  • Piers Maddox – (Devon Area Meeting) – (Treasurer)
  • David Parlett (South London Area Meeting) – (Newsletter & Membership Secretary)
  • Deepa Parry-Gupta (North Wales Area Meeting)
  • Tim Regan (Cambridge & Peterborough Area Meeting)
  • Hugh Rock (Mid-Thames Area Meeting)
  • Keith Rycroft (Wirral & Chester Area Meeting)
  • Sarah Siddle (Teesdale and Cleveland Area Meeting)

(With thanks to Michael Wright (Teesdale and Cleveland AM) who stepped down and welcoming Toni Calam and Piers Maddox appointed at the 2018 AGM. All others re-appointed at that time. Piers accepted the role of Treasurer at the SG meeting immediately after the AGM and David Parlett was appointed Membership Secretary. Thanks to Sarah who had performed both those roles previously).
Proposed changes to Members of the Steering Group are brought before the Annual General Meeting for approval.

The CONSTITUTION of the Nontheist Friends Network was agreed at the 2014 AGM at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, amended 2016 AGM at Woodbrooke.

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