Howard Grace

Howard Grace – ‘The heart of our shared humanity’

Our fifth ‘Creative conversation’ is to be presented by Howard Grace:
7 October 2021: Howard Grace, ‘The heart of our shared humanity’.
(A version of Howard’s article in The Friend on which his talk was based here.)

Howard now attends Newbury Quaker meeting but was born in Newbury, England, in 1940.  After studying physics at university in the 1960s he worked for 14 years as a full-time volunteer with the NGO MRA; now named Initiatives of Change. This included five years in India and Australasia, and four years in South Africa during apartheid times. In 1979, he fell foul of the security police there, and on returning to the UK trained as a teacher at the age of forty. He then spent 15 years teaching mathematics in a State school. Following that he founded and led a programme conducting workshops in hundreds of school Sixth Forms (age 16-18) around the UK on issues related to purpose in life and motivation. He was also part of the faculty for Foundations for Freedom courses in five Eastern European countries, and ventures to China, Sri Lanka, India and the USA.
In 2010 Howard and his Dutch wife Maria changed their spiritual home to the Quakers. He continues to be active in a wide array of activities, especially related to peace and spiritual motivation, and in 2019 became the Newbury coordinator of the Progressive Christianity Network UK. He is also the executive producer of the award-winning film Beyond Forgiving.
Howard and Maria have two daughters, Wendy and Karen.

(a recent article by Howard can be found on the Initiatives of Change website here and his 32 page illustrated account of his spiritual journey he has kindly allowed us to upload here: To thine own self be true ‘A Spiritual Journey and reflection’ by Howard Grace – printed copies can be obtained from Howard – use the contact form on this website in the first instance).

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