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    1. Johannes
      I have put your contact enquiry here to see if anyone might like to reply.
      At 76 pages of deep philosophical, political and psychological discussion it takes some reading (I tried the single file pdf see below ) and to give our more philosophical Friends a flavour, I’ll quote this:
      Johannes Weg
      Believing Veraciously
      Pp 64-5 (numbered 62-3)
      7. Living with an agnostic belief
      It would be nice if groups would congregate, in which the belief in the fundamental ignorance about the mystery behind the manifesting phenomenal reality could be further contemplated and moreover implemented in new spiritual forms. My personal preferences lean towards a religious community or, perhaps, better towards a philosophical school, which cultivates an attentive experience-orientated comprehensive agnosticism.

      Although meditation should form an important practical element, in contrast to Buddhism it would not be concerned with the pursuit of “enlightenment,” but with the modest attempt to find an at least tentatively satisfactory inner attitude towards oneself, others, and the “world”.
      PS. I think the html version renders it much more readable – what Tim Berners-Lee designed it for!


  1. The following enquiry was received about Quaker marriage and non-theism:
    On 27 Aug 2018, at 08:18, Hannah Roberts wrote:

    > Comment: Hi there,
    My partner and I are looking for advice. My partner is a non-theist Quaker and whilst I am not I very much relate to all the Quaker values. We have just got engaged and are thinking about a Quaker wedding. Are there forms of Quaker wedding that are more suited to non-theists e.g. the wording of the vows?
    Hannah (and Tom)

    Steering group member Trevor Bending replied as follows:
    On Tue, 28 Aug 2018 at 11:31:
    Thanks for this interesting enquiry Hannah.
    The wording that must be used by both of you should be the same and are prescribed in law.
    In your case these would presumably be:
    “Friends, I take this my friend . . . . . . . . . . . [full name] to be my spouse, promising, through divine assistance, to be unto him/her/[commonly used name] a loving and faithful spouse, so long as we both on earth shall live.”

    ‘through divine assistance’ may be replaced by ‘with God’s help’ and no other formulations of this part are permitted (Quaker Faith & Practice 16.52).
    (Other alternative wordings shown at 16.52 would presumably be less acceptable to non-theists).

    You should contact your meeting clerk or elders or overseers about this and through them the Quaker registering Officer for your Area Meeting.
    Full details are to be found at QF&P 16.17 and following

    I hope this is useful.
    Would you be agreeable to my publishing your enquiry and this reply on the website? (to which Hannah agreed, so here it is).

    Trevor Bending


  2. June 13, 2020
    Seeing the protests in London this morning on CNN & BBC News
    (realtive to Black Lives Matter)
    thought you might like to see what our fellow Quakers in Ohio are saying:
    “Broadmead Friends Meeting of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) stands in solidarity with the peaceful protestors responding to the murder of George Floyd. We remain committed to our internal anti-racism work and to helping nonviolent movements working for racial justice.”


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