NFN Membership

Nontheist Quakers: Becoming a Network Member

Yearly membership subscriptions to the Nontheist Friends Network now run (for accounting purposes) from 01 April.

If you would like to become a member, or remain on our contact list for 2019-20, please send a cheque for at least £10 made out to ‘Nontheist Friends Network’, together with full contact details including an e-mail address if you have one to:

NFN Membership Clerk
David Parlett
1 Churchmore Road, London SW16 5UY

Alternatively, you may prefer to pay by electronic bank transfer. Details are available from  Membership Clerk David Parlett (email quakers at (Replace the ‘ at ‘ with the usual @ (no spaces) in your mail program – this is to give our email addresses some protection from harvesting by spammers).
(We recommend reading the NFN Constitution before completing your membership application).

In order to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) we ought not to keep for too long contact details of Friends whose membership has lapsed, so if you are in any doubt about your current status please contact the treasurer or membership secretary. (For further details see our Privacy page).

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