William Purser – ‘Fox to Opium via Marx….?’

Our second ‘Creative conversation’ is to be presented by William Purser:
1 April 2021: William Purser, ‘Fox to Opium via Marx….?’

(Feedback on this talk is available here: https://nontheist-quakers.org.uk/2021/04/02/feedback-and-reflections-on-nfn-mfwcc-1-april-2021/)

William is clerk to Forres LM and a member of the Parliamentary Engagement Working Group for GM Scotland and writes:  “A long-winded title but we try to do as it says on the tin: through our p/t time paid Officer we work with those MSPs (Members of the Scottish Parliament) in Holyrood who might understand and be sympathetic over a huge range of issues including militarisation in schools, civil rights and of course climate destruction. We have tried to contribute to every party manifesto for the May election.
COP26 is scheduled for Glasgow in November and Scottish Quakers are very involved.

“My way into Friends might be different from most: my only contact with organised religion of any kind has been scant and superficial. Between school assembly in the ‘50s to sitting in the choir stalls in Hereford Cathedral in the 80s – nothing. My youngest son was a chorister for some 5 years I guess. In a very cold almost empty building, mostly in darkness on a winter evening the music could be magical.
Then 20 years living deep in the bowels of rural France and a move to Scotland some 5 years ago – almost the first thing I did was to appear at Forres Local Meeting…
Quakers bumped into me all my life; I’ve always been attracted to “outsiders” and Quakers (still) are to me, which puts us non-theists on the outer-edge of the outside, which I am comfortable with.
I hope to talk about the spaces between our silence, the heart and driving force of our existence, and the words and phrases we use, and are used against us. And how, or perhaps if, we as representatives of a powerful tradition can recall our foundation stones and so build upon them a structure suitable for our own times.”

I, (Trevor, web-person) for one, look forward to learning something about Fox, Opium, Marx and Quakers.


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