That’s the Spirit! – Dimensions of Spirituality – NFN Conference 2021

That’s the Spirit! Dimensions of Spirituality

This page now updated with edited recordings of our 3 speakers,

That was the title of our 2020 annual conference, till some very unspiritual viruses intervened and forced us to cancel. But, mutating as they do, they haven’t yet found a way of preventing us from meeting in the spirit via Zoom. So our three keynote speakers will join us on three successive Wednesdays in July 2021, each bringing us a different perspective on spirituality, what it means to them, and what relation it might have to religion and the secular world.

Spirituality, spiritual and spirit are among the most frequently used words in our Quaker vocabulary. But what do we mean by them? What do we mean by a spiritual life, a spiritual journey, a spiritual experience? Can we be religious without being spiritual, or spiritual without being religious?

On Wednesday July 7th our guest was Andrew Copson, executive director of Humanists UK (British Humanists Association).

On Wednesday July 14th the speaker was Gill Pennington, former Spirituality Tutor at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre.

On Wednesday July 21st our third guest was Dinah Livingstone, poet, activist and editor of the Sea of Faith journal Sofia.

Join us in an adventurous exploration of spiritual diversity, from the holy spirit to the wholly human spirit. Each meeting will begin at 7.30pm and will last between an hour and 90 minutes. The presentation will be followed by open discussion and there will then be an opportunity to join smaller group ‘breakout’ rooms before returning to a closing plenary session followed by Silence! This will be our virtual conference, so get the dates into your diary. Registration details can be found here. More detail about the speakers follows:

With keynote speakers:
Andrew Copson (Chief Executive, Humanists UK),
Dinah Livingstone (Editor ‘Sofia’, Sea of Faith)
and Gill Pennington (Spirituality Tutor, Woodbrooke)

David Boulton (from newsletter March 2021)

See too the follow up posts:

See also the ‘pre-conference reading’ bibliography prepared for the 2020 conference which still pertains:

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  1. NB: The Sea of Faith’s own conference this year is running on 19th, 20th, 22nd and 23rd July (this week from Monday, excluding Wednesday) and NFN members may be interested. Full details on the SOFN link next to Dinah’s name above.


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