Nontheist Quakers: Annual Residential Conference 2018

woodbrookeNontheist Friends Network Annual Conference 2018 will be held at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre, Birmingham from

9th – 11th March 2018.
An open conference
An exploration in small groups stimulated by keynote speakers:

NFN conference 2018 – Where are we heading?

In 2005 the periodical Quaker Studies analysed the falling membership of the Society of Friends as dwindling to zero by 2032, when British Quakerism would become history. We are more optimistic today. But what will our Society look like in 2032? How will it change socially, theologically and influentially? These are the questions we’ll be addressing at our 2018 annual conference: ‘Quakers in 2032: Where are we Heading?’. We are currently in the process of seeking speakers and hope to be able to announce names later.

Rising prices mean that next year’s conference should be charged at a cost of £220 per participant, but the Steering Group has decided to subsidise it from our reserves and make a charge of £199 in order to encourage greater numbers. In view of the topic, Young Friends General Meeting will be invited to nominate at least four and not more than six young Friends, at a cost of £150 per head, and if YFGM itself and/or Area Meetings cannot help financially we will see if we can help further.

Our aim: to explore theological and spiritual diversity, and their practical implications, in respectful acceptance of different views, experiences and journeys.

March Friday 9th – Sunday 11th 2018           £199.

Enquiries, full details, and application forms – Further details to follow in due course.
(NB. Conference ends on Sunday 11th March, but Friends MAY be able to book B&B accommodation direct with Woodbrooke for Sunday night if they wish)

This, the seventh conference organised by the Nontheist Friends Network, will include opportunities to share and learn about aspects of its work.

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