A 2020 NFN Conference Bibliography

Conference bibliography: (Still valid for the conference now in 2021)
Items which may be worth referring to before, during or after the conference. (Links in each case lead to a source for the books).

‘Becoming fully human – Writings on Quakers and Christian thought’ by Michael Langford, published by Friends of the Light, 2019. https://friendsofthelight.org.uk/our-books

Clear Bright Future: A Radical Defence of the Human Being’ by Paul Mason, 2019

The Trouble With God: Religious Humanism And The Republic Of Heaven‘ by David Boulton,

(see this post on the above books: https://nontheist-quakers.org.uk/2019/07/11/the-republic-of-heaven/ )

Twelve Quakers and …‘ – Quaker Quest series

Kindlers‘ – Series of booklets

Godless for God’s sake‘ edited by David Boulton (also available in Kindle).

Titles in the Quaker bookshop online section ‘Spirituality and religion’ under ‘Atheism‘. (including ‘Book of Atheist Spirituality’, ‘Religion for Atheists’ and ‘The Young Atheist’s Handbook’ – all out of stock on 5/2/2020).

Telling the Truth about God‘ (in ‘Quaker Quicks’) by Rhiannon Grant

The Guided Life‘ (in ‘Quaker Quicks’) by Craig Barnett

ALL of the above are available in the Quaker Bookshop in Friends’ House except when out of stock – we will try to see if copies can be made available over the Conference weekend.

See also these items on the NFN website: https://nontheist-quakers.org.uk/faq/#a4
AND search the website for ‘spirituality’.

Quaker Universalist Group booklets: https://qug.org.uk/pamphlets-2/ (some to buy, some for free download)
39: The Language of Spirituality by Alan York: https://qug.org.uk/pamphlets-2/pamphlet-39/
32: ‘Choosing Life: Embracing Spirituality in the 21st Century’ by Joycelin Dawes:
31: Human Beings Yearning for a Faith by Clive Sutton: https://qug.org.uk/pamphlets-2/pamphlet-31/
30: ‘A Platform of Consciousness: Spirituality without Religion’, by Adrian Cairns: https://qug.org.uk/pamphlets-2/pamphlet-30/
26: ‘The Faith of a Quaker Humanist’, by David Boulton:

2 thoughts on “A 2020 NFN Conference Bibliography”

  1. Thanks, Trevor, Tim Regan, and Nontheist Friends’ Networks, for this conference bibliography – https://nontheist-quakers.org.uk/2020/03/01/a-2020-nfn-conference-bibliography/ .

    You reminded me of my Friends’ Dalton Letter’s bibliography – http://scottmacleod.com/daltonbiblio.htm – which I started to write just around the time I was studying at the University of Edinburgh in 2003-2004 (and active in the Quaker Meeting there in central Edinburgh). Both this bibliography and Friends’ Dalton Letter itself – http://scottmacleod.com/daltonletter.htm – explicitly touch on Nontheist Friends, but which letter is much about an envisioning of love and caring, and many other aspects of love.

    And might you be open to adding this Nontheist Quakers’ Wikipedia article – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nontheist_Quakers – to this bibliography?

    Warm regards, Scott (These are accessible from the ‘love & links’ link – http://scottmacleod.com/http://scottmacleod.com/links.htm). – http://scottmacleod.com/links.htm


    On Sun, Mar 1, 2020 at 2:49 PM Non-theist Friends Network wrote:

    > Trevor posted: “Conference bibliography: Items which may be worth > referring to before, during or after the conference. (Links in each case > lead to a source for the books – but seems unreliable in Word). ‘Becoming > fully human – Writings on Quakers and Christian though” >


    1. Thanks Scott. I’d forgotten about the excellent Wikipedia article but the main point of the bibliography was to draw attention to printed materials and encourage the Quaker Bookshop at Friends’ House in Euston to have them in stock for the Conference.
      I had no idea you were formerly connected with British Quakers in Edinburgh – are you involved with Quakers in America?


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