Annual Conference 2020 Further update

With just a month to go, documents for the conference and AGM have been updated on the Conference page and we hope these will be the final updates.

Look forward to seeing you there. (And if you haven’t already booked, contact Roger now to see if he has any spaces left!)

3 thoughts on “Annual Conference 2020 Further update”

  1. Trevor, N-tFN, Nontheist Friends, Atheist Quakers, and All,

    Many thanks for sharing this Nontheist Friends’ Network (in Britain) annual conference information at Friends’ House, Euston, London from Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th March 2020 – – and for keeping us posted.

    Will anyone from the USA or other countries be attending the conference? (Apologies but I can’t make it this year).

    In a non-theistic yet quite friendly-vein (Friendly/Quaker as well), am exploring some of the recent developments concerning CoronaVirusCOVID19 here – (Methinks the divine / the spirit / or the light, or similar, won’t do anything relating to creating a new vaccine for this for example, yet in a caring way, with NtFriendly concern, am curious too what will be successful approaches to dealing with this new CoronaVirus, – and come back to Harvard and MIT Professor of Genetics’ George Church’s recent Tweet (in blog post too) –

    Warm regards, Scott


    1. Thanks Scott.
      No, unfortunately although we’ve had visitors from the U.S., Ireland and elsewhere in previous years, I believe there are no bookings from outside the UK. (Maybe just as well with hte developing coronavirus situation?)


  2. Hi Trevor, Tim, David Boulton, and Nontheist Friends’ Networks,

    Have just posted further on Twitter about this upcoming NFN conference (and with a new #Hashtag – #NontheistFriendsNetwork), and even as a kind of advert:

    Non-theist Friends Network, #NontheistFriends (#NtFs), #NontheistQuakers #AtheistQuakers #AgnosticQuakers NONTHEIST QUAKERS: ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2020 Nontheist Friends Network Annual Conference 2020 Friends’ House, Euston, London from Sa-Su 28-29 March 2020

    Thanks #NontheistFriendsNetwork for sharing this annual conference information at Friends’ House, Euston, London, Mar 28-29 ’20 #NontheistFriends (#NtFs), #NontheistQuakers #AtheistQuakers #AgnosticQuakers #Quakers @dumbledad (@WorldUnivAndSch @sgkmacleod)

    And thanks, Trevor, Tim Regan @dumbledad & #NontheistFriendsNetwork for this conference bibliography

    NtF cheers, and warm regards, Scott –


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