Script of Piers’ talk 6 January

Piers has now let us have his script and it is well worth reading. He apologises for any short-comings in the sound of his talk and which the autoscript struggled with at times.

As I thought when listening to the talk, it is quite poetic and Piers has presented it in more or less blank verse with punctuation but no capitals. (Notice the internal rhymes and rhythm). If you read it to yourself it sounds quite like a ‘rap’ – and maybe ‘a wrap’.  I thought that on Thursday night but struggled to hear it whilst also having an ‘unstable internet connection’.

Some people thought the talk was a bit ‘black and white’ or a bit one-sided but it doesn’t come across like that (to me anyway) when you read it. Perhaps Piers is a little uncritical of China but his point there really is that we are exposed to a one-sided view and propaganda in our own media. (But I imagine Piers’ suggestion that the Dalai Lama is in ‘the pay of the CIA’ is the view of Chinese state propaganda which is (just/almost?) as nefarious as the CIA.)

I have added the script as text (html with a couple of hypertext links) to the original page about Piers talk here and the pdf is here. The audio file can be found in the usual place by scrolling down on the home page.

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3 thoughts on “Script of Piers’ talk 6 January”

  1. Oh dear.

    He seems to be suggesting that we learn from the Chinese methods to achieve something like their ends. How many millions does he want to die?

    I agree with him about the problems, I had hoped to find a Quakerly solution. I cannot find that. I repeat, oh dear.


  2. Trevor I replied from the text page and my comment attached. But I cannot find any one else’s comments. Have they not sent any or am I getting this wrong? I use this site format a lot and it normally works well for me.

    In Friendship

    Malcolm (Mike) Bell 9 Foxhill Green Weetwood Leeds LS16 5PQ

    Mobile 07802 920096



    1. Hi Malcolm
      So far there are only your two comments on this post. (And remembering our earlier conversations, I am weighing a reply!)
      However, there are two further comments on the previous post:
      Recent comments are shown just below recent posts in the column on the right if you are viewing on a computer. Although it is possible to view the full site on a phone or tablet (by scrolling right down) it is marginally easier to select News from the drop down menu and see whether any Replies are shown at the bottom of each recent post – and click on them.


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