NFN AGM 2022 – a message from our Clerk

Our clerk Tim Regan and the Steering Group issued the following notice to members by email last week.

We are planning to hold the next AGM of the Nontheist Friends Network on Zoom at 7:00 UK time on Thursday the 17th of February, i.e. interleaved between our monthly Creative Conversations. I hope you can come along. The provisional agenda for the AGM is:

  • Reports
    • Clerk
    • Treasurer
    • Website
    • Working Groups
      • MfW CC
      • Newsletter
      • Conference
      • Outreach
  • Steering Group (SG)
    • Gisela standing down
    • Call for new SG members
  • New and continuing working groups
  • Conference 2022
  • Britain Yearly Meeting 2022
  • Quaker Faith & Practice Revision

Email Tim ( if you would like to receive the Zoom link.

The minutes of this AGM can now be found here:

(N.B. As previous AGMs took place on 30th March 2019 and 9th December 2020, it is assumed the Steering Group or the AGM will decide if this AGM is for 2021—and we need another for 2022—or whether this AGM is to stand for another 12 months.)

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