6 January, 2022: Piers Maddox, and an event Mon 10 January 2022

Some 60 people enjoyed Piers’ presentation on the ‘Path of rightness in time of civilisational change‘.  This proved to be what I took to be a poetic polemic and challenge to all as to how we live our lives (all, or Quakers, or Nontheists).

Unfortunately I had problems with the sound as did the auto-transcription which struggled a bit and I hope Piers might be able to let us have a script. But the sound recording is now on our Home Page (scroll down a bit there).

There was much discussion afterwards of the self-examination and critical thinking required to meet Piers’ challenge although some felt that his view of China was somewhat rose-tinted even if the current treatment of China in the media is largely war-mongering propaganda.

At the very end, Arin (from London and I think she must be a member of the Quaker Socialist Society) thought that Friends may be interested to attend (on Zoom) the first event of the QSS celebration of the ‘Salter Centenary‘ (details there) on Monday 10th January. Arin advised that if you don’t have the book (about Ada Salter) you can read the wikipedia page (largely written by the same author, Graham Taylor, who will be present at the zoom meeting).

To apply for the zoom link fill in the form on the QSS contact page, and perhaps mention Arin and the NFN as the source of your information.