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NFN Quaker Meeting and Creative conversation 3 February 2022

Dear Friend,
We hope this note finds you well in the New Year!  We welcome you to our next Quaker Meeting and Creative Conversation on Thursday evening, 3 February at 7PM UK time, by Zoom.

John Richter will share his presentation, On the Edge of Quakers.

John writes:

There is a balance between the comfort of the familiar, hanging on to the way things have always been, as against the need to innovate, adapt and change.   Quakers are a Society, not a Religion, with members who have applied to join.   So we must not allow our Meeting Houses to become Churches or our creed to become silence.   We must benefit from being able to talk openly – both at looking inward at ourselves and outward at the world.
Additional information about our QM+CC and recordings of past CC presenters can be found on our website.
If you are interested in attending and have not registered, please email clerk@nontheist-quakers.org.uk. to register and request the zoom link

If you previously registered, there is no need to re-register, you are on the list.  You will automatically receive Zoom links to this and subsequent Meetings, approximately one week before each Meeting.  We ask that you please do not share the Zoom link with interested Friends, but encourage them to email the Clerk (clerk@nontheist-quakers.org.uk) to register. You may unregister/unsubscribe at any time by replying to this email address.

In Friendship,
The QM+CC Working group (Gisela Creed, John Senior, William Purser, and Kiera Faber)
Nontheist Friends Network

NFN Monthly Meeting reminder

Don’t forget the first of these monthly meetings with Creative conversations is tomorrow night Thursday 4th March 2021 at 7.30pm UK time (UTC). You can see all the details in the previous post and on the relevant (new) page, which is currently set as our home (landing) page under ‘Events’.

We have now added two further confirmed dates/speakers, so John Senior and William Purser will be followed by Philip Gross on Thursday 6th May and Kiera Faber on Thur. 3rd June.

We look forward to seeing you there and if you haven’t registered yet, please email as shown to do so.