NFN Monthly Meeting reminder

Don’t forget the first of these monthly meetings with Creative conversations is tomorrow night Thursday 4th March 2021 at 7.30pm UK time (UTC). You can see all the details in the previous post and on the relevant (new) page, which is currently set as our home (landing) page under ‘Events’.

We have now added two further confirmed dates/speakers, so John Senior and William Purser will be followed by Philip Gross on Thursday 6th May and Kiera Faber on Thur. 3rd June.

We look forward to seeing you there and if you haven’t registered yet, please email as shown to do so.

7 thoughts on “NFN Monthly Meeting reminder”

  1. Hi. Your zooms compete with our business meetings at Brighton Quakers. Are you recording your Zoom sessions so I can view them at another time? If yes, how can I access the videos? IF. Gerard Rosenberg. Brighton Meeting


    1. I’m not sure Gerard. There’s no ideal time, it’s always inconvenient or clashing for some but perhaps we’ll look at some variation longer term.
      I’ll forward your comment to the working group who I’m sure will get back to you.


  2. What a terrible time. This is a time when the household is really busy…supper…washing up etc and if you have young children you are reading stories and getting them ready for bed


  3. I can’t imagine any woman choosing this time. There is a reason for choosing Sunday mornings…it is the only breathing space with no work, shopping etc.


    1. Again I’m sorry Joy. I’m sure there are plenty of women who are busy on Sunday mornings and this was chosen so as not to clash with regular Quaker meetings on a Sunday morning.
      Any time will be clashing or inconvenient for some and I can confirm that exactly 50% of the working group who selected this time are women.


  4. I’m sorry I’m unable to join you later today. Although, as a working woman, 7:30pm is usually a good time for me, as I’m home and ready to relax. It’s just that I have another, regular call on a Thursday.


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