Formal notice of AGM 9 December 2020 at 7pm on Zoom

The formal notice was sent to members, including those who have signed up in 2020, by email on 5 November and reads as follows:

Dear Members and friends of NFN,

Please accept this letter as formal notice of our belated 2020 AGM which will be held by Zoom on Wed 9 December 2020 at 7pm. Tim Regan, a member of the SG, will act as our host. To register please email: (note the understroke between Tim and Regan!) by Saturday 14 November 2020. You will then be sent the link to join the meeting and any additional papers.

In these complicated times it is so much harder to keep in meaningful contact. Many of us are on a steep learning curve to develop ways of keeping in touch using digital means. It is all the more important therefore that we get a good turnout at our AGM to consider the future of the network. Though the AGM is primarily for members we warmly welcome all our interested friends as observers.

We need your active support to think about the Network’s focus and its place within the Society of Friends and this will be the main business of our AGM. We look forward to meet many of you there.

Please notify Gisela with nominations for Steering group and clerk, suggestions and any other business by 14/11/2020:

With best wishes

Gisela Creed (clerk)


1 Annual report including updates on: website, newsletter and finance, membership

2 Minutes of last Meeting (30/03/19)

3 Simple amendments to Constitution

4 The Future of the Network, discussion, introduced by David Boulton (paper)

a. aims and structure of the network

b. conferences/other activities etc (suggestions welcome)

5 Membership arrangements

6 Appointment of steering group and clerk

At present the following members of the steering group are willing to continue: Trevor Bending (website), Piers Maddox (Treasurer and newsletter), Roger Warren Evans (membership), Gisela Creed as ordinary member, and Tim Regan. Wishing to stand down at the AGM after long service are: David Boulton, Keith Ryecroft and Sarah Siddle, David Parlett resigned already in August 2020, and your clerk wishes to hand over this role. This leaves 4-5 vacancies to be filled by volunteers who can play an active role and a proposal for clerk.

7 Any other business


The Steering Group 2019-20: David Boulton, Trevor Bending (website), Gisela Creed (clerk), Piers Maddox (treasurer and newsletter), David Parlett (formerly newsletter editor and membership), Tim Regan, Keith Rycroft, Sarah Siddle, Roger Warren Evans (membership).

15 thoughts on “Formal notice of AGM 9 December 2020 at 7pm on Zoom”

  1. Although Non-Theist Quakers may include many outright Atheists, count me in for all the Membership Dues you may need. Love being part of this great group..

    “Atheism is a non-prophet organization! ” LOL

    Jules, wishing everyone, peace profound


  2. Dear Tim, Non-theist Friends, Society of Friends (appreciating the simplicity of the name ‘Society of Friends’ and re NtFs, for example),

    Greetings, and I hope this finds you well. Nice to have attended Meeting with you in SF some years ago. I’d like to attend the Nontheist Friends’ Network AGM on Wednesday, 9 Dec 2020 at 7pm British Time – – which is 11 am Pacific Time (and 2pm Eastern Daylight Time), I think.

    Appreciating your Nontheist Friends’ Network organizational focus in the British Isles (and I became a member of the Society of Friends in Edinburgh, Scotland).

    Friendly regards, Scott

    NtF label in blog –

    Tim Regan –

    Scott MacLeod – World Univ and Sch Twitter – Languages – World Univ – WUaS Press – “Naked Harbin Ethnography” book (in Academic Press at WUaS) – OpenBand (Berkeley) –

    On Mon, Nov 9, 2020 at 7:40 AM Non-theist Friends Network wrote:

    > Trevor posted: “The formal notice was sent to members, including those who > have signed up in 2020, by email on 5 November and reads as follows: Dear > Members and friends of NFN, Please accept this letter as formal notice of > our belated 2020 AGM which will be held by” >


  3. Dear NtF Network, NtF Planners and Tim and NtFs,

    Having just emailed the NtF list with the email below, I just received a bounce-back from the NTF Google Group …

    Address not found Your message wasn’t delivered to ** because the address couldn’t be found, or is unable to receive mail.

    What’s up with this? I sent a “[NTF-talk] What would a Nontheist Friends Journal entail?” email in this list on Sunday evening, 2 days ago, and is now the NtF talk list stopped, and without announcement?

    Sincerely, Scott


    1. Don’t know about this Scott. You are confusing the US/International nontheist Friends group, website and google forum with our UK based group here (only this website!).
      Possibly the correct email address for the google group might be (but I’m not sure).
      Scott, for future comments could you please eliminate the long ‘tails’ full of multiple links – wordpress doesn’t like it and I don’t have time to edit them all so will put them in the trash!
      If you’d like to attend our AGM as an observer, please email Tim at the address given above.


  4. I left the NtF group a couple of years ago – sorry, I don’t know what the status of the group is now.

    From: Scott MacLeod
    Sent: Tuesday, November 10, 2020 4:27 PM
    To: Non-theist Friends Network ;; Planning Group Non Theist Friends ;; World University ; Meeting WorldUniversity ; Anita Bower ; David Boulton ; Os Cresson ; john hunter ;; James Riemermann ; Victor Thuronyi ; Barbara Forrest-Ball
    Subject: Re: [New post] Formal notice of AGM 9 December 2020 at 7pm on Zoom


  5. I enjoyed attending the AGM today, thanks to those organising it, and just wanted to let people know that the facebook group I help run that I mentioned in the meeting is called Non-theist Quakers is fairly easy to find if you search for those words on facebook. We have over 1,100 members around the world and nearly 200 members in the UK. I really think that the things that we discuss in the facebook group would be of interest to everyone here. In the last few weeks we have had non theistic translations of Advices and Queries, people asking advice on how to centre down in meeting as a non-theist, articles about accessing spirituality, book discussions etc. I hope some members here will join us and I will advertise the Network on the group too.
    Thanks and kind regards from Helen Gilbert

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    1. Lovely to see you Helen.
      Sorry the sound wasn’t good!
      I personally don’t and won’t do Facebook but had hoped someone would do an NFN Facebook group and had no idea your group existed.
      So it doesn’t look as if we need another one.
      I do hope the group is open so that non-Facebook users can at least look, but I will put a link up to you shortly. Will be in touch!

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      1. Not sure which to reply to here! There are such (online) riches arising from this it’s difficult to know where to begin and I think it will have to be the subject of a post.
        But to get started, here’s the link to the Non-Theist Quakers facebook page that Helen tells us about: (I’m not sure why the long numeric tail but it seems to work).
        I’m glad to report that it is indeed an open (public) group so it is visible to all and ‘Anyone can see who’s in the group and what they post’. That means that if, like me, you don’t want to engage with facebook on principle, you can still see everything (and follow interesting links) but you will only be able to comment (join in the discussion) if you sign up to facebook. (Whereas here, anyone can comment without signing up to anything although we hope you will ‘Follow’ the site by leaving your email address – top-right of any page – to receive notice of new posts and if you comment, please tick the box to receive notice of replies)
        One of the things I found was this link to Chuck Fager’s website/blog (search this site for Chuck Fager! – again top-right): and another was this take on Buddhism from Thich Nhat Hanh: (long numbers to help facebook make a profit I suspect!)
        Anyway, there is a lot to explore and it prompts me to think about soon adding a ‘blogroll’ here – a list of interesting Quaker sites – which I’ve put off doing hitherto.

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