Coronavirus and Conference 2020

Important announcement:
Would all participants of our annual conference please note that the NFN Steering Group is actively considering the risks and increasing spread of Covid-19 (coronavirus), which might well mean that the conference will have to be postponed until a later date. We hope to make a firm announcement about this on Monday 16th March.
If a postponement to an undefined date is decided upon, we will of course refund your fee straight away.
So keep well and watch this space.

Best wishes to all of you,

Clerk NFN

One thought on “Coronavirus and Conference 2020”

  1. Non-theist Friends’ Network, Nontheist Friends (NtFs), Agnostic Quakers, atheist too, and non-theist friends,

    In a non-theistic vein, and regarding the novel coronavirus COVID-19 genes, that seem to be replicating, you might find interesting this Richard Dawkins’ video, which contains the following ‘testimony’ … :

    Brain to brain blog to blog species to species creativity evolves (“Just for Hits – Richard Dawkins” … on genes and memes, – and minds or thinking, in a sense)

    … and also explored in this blog post –

    I’m noting in the novel coronavirus COVID-19 discourse in the US how many schools are not closing … which makes me wonder about multiple narratives emerging regarding the novel ‘corona’ virus meme (replicating cultural unit) having gone ‘viral’ – leading to the lock down of not just 17 million people in northern Italy, but all of Italy itself (as a modern nation state), for example.

    NtFriendly greetings, Scott


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