Nontheist News?

The NFN Steering Group will meet in Lancaster on Wednesday 24/7/19 (usually just one annual meeting in addition to the Conference/AGM).

Topics under discussion will include NFN structure and organisation; Future conferences/events/participation at BYM gathering; Website and online presence; Membership and Newsletter; Finance; Publishing pamphlets/ booklets?; Name question: “Nontheist Friends Network” or?

Expect to hear further here soon.

You may or may not have noticed two new posts by Os Cresson on our American Friends website. (It’s taken me more than 2 weeks to notice and only then because I needed to visit their website for reference). These posts appear automatically in the ‘Feed’ we get from them which you can find towards the bottom of the right-hand column here. (These don’t appear on the mobile version – but you can there scroll to the very bottom and choose ‘View Full site’, then scroll to the bottom again and you will find them there. Such fun.)

But I do suggest Os’s posts are worth a read:

2 thoughts on “Nontheist News?”

  1. Thanks, Trevor and Non-theist Friends Network, for sharing this information (which I received from this email list). Glad to see British Northeast Friends organizing and sharing ideas!

    Friendly cheers, Scott MacLeod
    Here are two Friends/Quaker oriented wiki schools at CC-4 MIT OpenCourseWare-centric World University and School for open teaching and learning (like editing Wikipedia), and which section headings will grow into other languages with time
    – –


  2. NtFs, Os, Victor, Trevor, and All,

    East across the Atlantic from the USA, “Nontheist Quakers” are publishing, networking and organizing – and re Britain Yearly Meeting too, I’ve just noticed, and “NONTHEIST FRIENDS?” – – in the first email in this thread, is one example of this, and which mentions your writings, Os. And this “NON-THEIST FRIENDS USA (NTF), SILENCE AND MEDITATION” posting – – is another example which I’ve just come across. And this posting mentions too the NtF video Victor and I made together, “NtFriends’ Conversation about Meditation” – – on March 7, 2019.

    Great – – and it looks like one of their earliest most recent posts is from May 7, 2019, so please have a look seemingly new set of resources. Thank you Non-theist Friends’ Network (which is British Isles-centric it seems)!

    NtF / AQ cheers, Scott – – – (where “NtFriends’ Conversation about Meditation” is located) –


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