Nontheism on Wikipedia

Looking for David Boulton on wikipedia the other day hypertexted me to wikipedia on Nontheist Quakers (worth a read) including a short list of ‘Notable Nontheist Friends’ (only two of whom I’ve heard of) and then to wikipedia on Nontheism which is a fascinating read (follow the links there to ignosticism and ietsism) and which explains very well why ‘nontheist’ is likely to remain the best label we can find for our Nontheist Friends Network.

Look forward to comments on this (‘Leave a reply’) and see you at the Conference on 29-31 March?

2 thoughts on “Nontheism on Wikipedia”

  1. Given the list of different isms covered by non-theism, could the problem with the lack of NFN membership be that people don’t understand this is the group for them?


  2. S’pose that could be! Much simpler perhaps if it were just all Atheists – but it isn’t. I thought ‘ietsism’ rather fitted me: “Ietsism (Dutch: ietsisme (pronounced [itsˈɪsmə]) – “somethingism”) is an unspecified belief in an undetermined transcendent reality. It is a Dutch term for a range of beliefs held by people who, on the one hand, inwardly suspect – or indeed believe – that “there must be something undefined beyond the mundane and that which can be known or can be proven”, but on the other hand do not necessarily accept or subscribe to the established belief system, dogma or view of the nature of a deity offered by any particular religion.” according to Wikipedia:, except I can never remember or get my head round what ‘transcendent’ means.
    I think the existence of ‘something beyond … that which can be known or can be proven’ is intuitively a certainty – but whether that has anything to do with religion or spirituality I’m not sure!
    Now ‘somethingism’ – that’s quite something – the idea or word – not the thing itself (whatever it is).
    Mostly, ‘isms’ are often regarded as a bad thing – but ‘Quakerism’ is a convenient shorthand and perhaps likewise ‘nontheism’ to capture the range of thought NFN members have. (I now have a joke about ‘NFN’, but I’ll save that for the conference.


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