The Soul

We have talked about ‘Spirit’ before (use the search box to see) but I thought this post on Through the flaming sword on the soul was interesting about this and quaker nontheism.

Craig Barnett’s blog (Transition Quaker) also has a couple of interesting posts on Rex Ambler’s talk (to Lancashire AM) on ‘God, words and us‘.

Both of these follow on quite nicely from our previous post by John Senior.

One thought on “The Soul”

  1. Re “soul”, yes, I believe this is the missing piece.

    I attended a “Conversation with Nick Cave” a couple of weeks ago. I wouldn’t call myself a fan, really, having listened to very little other than “Dig, Lazarus, Dig” which is one of my favourite albums. Based on that, I thought I’d go and see him. The man has achieved god-like status among his devoted fans! Someone asked him about the mythologies he uses in his lyrics, and which meant the most to him. He said “People don’t like this, but it’s the story of Jesus”. I groaned inwardly, but what he went on to say did resonate. He is emphatically *not* a Christian, and he says whether or not God exists is none of his business. What he experiences, has done all his life, is a “spiritual yearning”, and that is what suffuses his songs.

    One can no more “choose” to believe in a deity than one can “choose” one’s sexuality, and yet neither is a physical characteristic. “Spiritual yearning” is what characterises my life’s search, and what has brought me to Non-theist Friends. I can neither embrace any specific deity, nor the complete absence which is Humanism.


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