A little teaser

An NFN newsletter planned for July now looks to be forthcoming by the end of the month – so we’ll call it our August newsletter.

If you would like to send in any news, articles, book reviews, opinions, comments or quaker anecdotes for inclusion in this newsletter, please send them to me trevor at humber dot co dot uk, preferably by the 25th July – quite a tight deadline.

There will be an update by Kiera Faber (our membership clerk) on behalf of the QM+CC Working Group, which is comprised of, William Purser, Kiera Faber, Gisela Creed, and John Senior, looking forward to re-commencing the Meeting and Creative Conversations on 1st September.

They say (don’t they?) that ‘imitation is the sincerest form of flattery’ and if you’re missing our NFN Creative conversations whilst we have a break in July and August, our Friends at the Quaker Universalist Group (QUG) are beginning similar meetings in July and August starting tomorrow:
Daniel Flynn will talk under the title My spiritual journey, from obedience to choice. Some of you may remember Daniel, an American Quaker in Brussels, from ‘Nontheist approaches to religious language’ and other courses at Woodbrooke.
https://qug.org.uk/qug-monthly-worship-and-sharing/  You will have to email QUG quick if you want to join at 7pm tomorrow (Wednesday 20th July).

If you followed the themes at Yearly Meeting or attended the Swarthmore Lecture by Helen Minnis (Glasgow meeting) you will likely find the Quaker Podcast featuring Edwina Peart, Inclusion and Diversity Coordinator, and Rebecca Woo, Campaigns Coordinator, about the reparations conversation that is just beginning amongst British Quakers:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6tq7XpGPwnI  (audio not video) a useful introduction to this topic.