How do I, a nontheist Quaker, relate to deeply Christian Quakers? 5May 2022

Thank you for registering for our Quaker Meeting and Creative Conversation, organized by the NFN, UK.

The Working Group has rotated the kaleidoscope, and through each twist, will bring you a different experience monthly.  
For 5 May, the Query, How do I, a nontheist Quaker, relate to deeply Christian Quakers?”, will be introduced to stimulate discussion and sharing of thoughts and ideas amongst all participants.
Please arrive early, as the Meeting will start promptly at 7PM.  The Zoom Room opens at 6:45PM.
We ask that you please do not share the Zoom link with interested Friends, but encourage them to email the Clerk ( to register.

May’s Format:
• Zoom Room opens at 6:45PM, please arrive early. 
• 7PM: Welcome and Quaker Meeting (~20 minutes): Sharing silence with one another for quietly gathering ourselves and connecting. 
• Creative Conversation and Discussion (~1 hour): Query introduced, followed by a short discussion in break-out rooms, with the remainder of the discussion in the main Zoom room with all participants.
• Conclusion: Thoughts and a few moments to share silence. 
• After Announcements the Zoom Room will remain open for friendly chats and community. 
• Duration:1hr:30m-2hr:00m 

You will automatically receive Zoom links to subsequent Meetings, approximately one week beforehand and a reminder the day of.  There is no need to re-register. You may unregister/unsubscribe at any time by replying to this email address.

See you soon. 

In Friendship,
The QM+CC Working group (Gisela Creed, John Senior, William Purser, and Kiera Faber)
Nontheist Friends Network

4 thoughts on “How do I, a nontheist Quaker, relate to deeply Christian Quakers? 5May 2022”

  1. I enjoyed last evening’s creative discussion. The new ‘shaking the kaleidoscope’ format seems an excellent idea although I thought the topic – important as it was – was a tough one for the format’s first outing. There was much repetition of the themes that what we do is more important than what we believe and that to have productive dialogue we need to treat one another with respect.

    I am continually struck by the challenges presented in turning good intentions into practical action as so many topics are full of conflict and contradiction. Perhaps we might at some point explore a ‘live ‘issue – assisted dying, the controversy in the USA about abortion, Ukraine – to see whether the range of nontheist Quaker opinion is as wide as that in society or whether Quaker nontheism gives a particular flavour to our responses.


    1. That’s a very interesting idea Glenn.
      All three example ‘live’ topics you give are certainly live issues for Quakers in Britain and America (and elsewhere) right now. I would like to add Julian Assange and Israel-Palestine to those – or would we be straying too far from specifically nontheist Quaker concerns?
      Perhaps the Creative Conversations working group will consider such topics.
      (Would you be prepared to introduce one of them?).


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