2018 Conference and website

We have just had a very successful and enjoyable Conference at Woodbrooke and the website has been updated.  Conference reports will follow in a little while.

Any comments on the Conference from participants would be welcome here below.  (Will be moderated and possibly edited so appear after a day or two’s delay).

2 thoughts on “2018 Conference and website”

  1. I had an amazing time at the non theist conference it was full of some very rich and rewarding discussions… The “non theist” faith isn’t my own position but I do see it as an important strand of Quaker thought and I hope to come along to future gatherings.. Thanks do need to go to the organisers because these things do take some organising…
    In friendship
    Pete Broadhurst


  2. Thanks for your thoughts Peter.
    There are always people of widely differing views at the conference (we look forward to seeing them all again) and we try also to have speakers with a wide range of ‘positions’ as you put it.
    We hope we will get more comments on this and the later posts about the Conference.
    Trevor Bending (on behalf of the Steering Group – who also have a wide range of views!)


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