Five activities that can protect your mental and physical health as you age

Friends who are not familiar with the academic online journal ‘The Conversation’ may like to read this article.

The fifth activity cited is Religious or spiritual activity.

2 thoughts on “Five activities that can protect your mental and physical health as you age”

  1. Great article. I receive the Conversation (I’m in Aust.) & I skimmed this article initially thinking it had nothing to say to me. However, when I got notice of this post I reread it, esp. that bit about Religious & Spiritual activity which I can’t remember even seeing the first time around! It was actually extremely germane to what I’m going through at this time of my life & to the reasons I became a Quaker in the first place (a mere 7 years). It took a fellow Quaker to point out what I had initially disregarded! That’s what I love about being a Friend, & am so glad to have found this network and being welcomed into it. (My first input – hi from Sydney, fellow Non-theist Friends!)


    1. Lovely to hear from a nontheist Friend down under! Hope this will introduce more Friends to ‘The Conversation ‘ (I also get it in Spanish – not a translation but different articles).

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