Website changes February 2018

I have moved the RSS (News) Feed from the American/International website from the left-hand sidebar to the footer area of the website. (This will not now appear on the mobile site).

In its place I have put the signups for our RSS feeds of posts and comments in the left-hand sidebar followed by the Topic (Category) listings for Posts (both previously some way down the right hand column). These will appear at the foot of the mobile site pages.

4 thoughts on “Website changes February 2018”

  1. That change does leave the RSS (News) Feed from the American/International website a long, long way down the page. You’ve really got to know it’s there to find it. Will it not fit in the left-hand sidebar, under the topics?


  2. Part of the reason for moving it was to discourage site visitors from immediately clicking out to the US site and put our own RSS Feeds in that position.
    We might consider putting it in the right-hand column.


    1. Yes, I can see why you wouldn’t want the US site too near the top. But now it’s so far down the page, if people don’t know it’s there, they wont find it!


  3. The US RSS Feed has now been moved into the right-hand column (not visible on mobile site) and the Pages menu (listing) for this site now appears in the left-hand column (or at the very bottom on the mobile site).


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