Old website retired

Our thanks to Brian Wardrop for maintaining the previous NFN website over many years. Our registered domain name ‘nontheist-quakers.org.uk’ now comes to this site.

Most of the material on this new site has been derived from the old site so we still owe much to Brian’s original hard work. I hope the switch-over will run with no teething problems, but if there are any glitches I have overlooked please add a comment below. (or click on ‘Leave a comment/comments’ above to leave your reply).

Trevor Bending

One thought on “Old website retired”

  1. This will be the first comment on the site (by anyone) for three months to the day (such is the frenzied state of nontheist activism) and refers to the mention of possible ‘glitches’ in the post above.
    Our ‘Heron’ has gone missing. (Search for Heron in the search box above and click on ‘Continue reading …’to see what I mean). The picture by Brian Wardrop was obviously still held on the ‘old site’ servers which has now been deleted and the heron with them.
    We don’t actually need a heron I think but recovery steps might be taken if it is sorely missed.
    Otherwise any (respectable) comment by any (respectable) person will be welcome – have a browse and see what you might comment on and wait patiently for it to appear.


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