Is Atheism a Religion?

A news item that may interest non-theist Friends from NFN Steering Group member Hugh Rock:

This year’s annual lecture of the Non religion and Secularity Research Network, (NSRN) is titled
‘Is Atheism a Religion’  –  Friday December 2nd, 18.00-20.00

The lecture takes place conveniently round the corner from Friends’ House at the Archaeology G6 Lecture Theatre, University College London, 31-34 Gordon Square WC1H OPY

The speakers are Dr Miquel Farias of Coventry University, Professor Christopher Frend, Goldsmiths College, Dr Jonathan Lanman, Queens University Belfast and Dr Lois Lee, Chair and co-founder of the NSRN.

The lecture is free to all comers but booking registration is required at (Opens in new window)

For those Friends interested but unable to attend, I will provide a short report on the lecture to be posted on the website.  Hugh

(Some Friends might even be interested in the preceeding event at 4pm! Trevor)

One thought on “Is Atheism a Religion?”

  1. As a new member of the NTF Network (and as a ‘non-realist but theist Quaker member continuing in Anglican ministry’!) I am looking to a radical approach for renewal, i.e. looking to our Quaker spiritual roots and to the sources of the philosophical influences that shape our contemporary perspectives in society. Here we may find common ground with realist Friends and fresh ways to articulate theistic faith that unite rather than divide the Society of Friends and which resonate for the a-religious in wider society. I am hoping that the NTF Network can be a resource in that process of renewal. And my experience both as a Quaker and an Anglican leads me to think that small numbers are OK!


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