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The Nontheist Friends Network (NFN) Steering Group (SG) has agreed the following policy in response to the General Data Protection Regulations 2018. (GDPR).

After consulting the advice available from the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and Friends’ House (Quakers in Britain) websites, we note that the ICO advises that organisations should not rely on consent if their activities fall under another of the legal bases.

We consider the most relevant legal basis (for retaining data) is:

Legitimate interests (necessary for the core administrative functions of the organisation, reasonably expected by the data subject, not prejudicial to a person’s rights or likely to cause harm).

(NB: ‘data subjects’ is gobbledygook for you and me, the ‘punters’ whose data we need to keep! So that means we only keep and use information about you that you might ‘reasonably expect’.)

1.a) If you are a member of NFN, we will keep the information you supplied with your membership application so long as your membership continues.

1.b) In order to function, we keep the information you completed on your membership application form. This information may include name, email address, home address, telephone number and bank details. When you cease to be a member we will destroy this information. Please let us know when there are any changes.

2. If you requested our newsletter or other information by post or email, we will keep your address and/or email so long as you still wish to receive the newsletter or other relevant NFN news or information. You can amend your address or email address held by us at any time. You can opt out of receiving the newsletter at any time.

3. If you attend or enquire about our conferences or other events, we will keep your contact details for as long as required to communicate with you about these events.

4. Your address, email or other details will be held securely only by those members of the NFN Steering Group who will need to make use of it. (For example the Treasurer and/or Membership Secretary will need at least your address and bank details. Conference organisers will need the details you supply on booking forms etc.)

5. We will only use your email to send you our newsletter or contact you for any other NFN-related purpose. We will not pass on your email to any third party unless you request it. We will always send out our newsletter as a blind copy, so that other recipients do not see you email address.

6.a) If you follow our website by WordPress or email then WordPress will temporarily hold your details (usually just the email address but also WordPress account details if any) and we have no control over this. (See the WordPress privacy notice at ‘automattic’ here: Our website managing person will also have access to your WordPress user name or email address and may use the latter to contact you about the website if appropriate. You can ‘unfollow’ the website at any time by following! the instructions on WordPress (and if you can follow that, please let us know!).

6.b) If you complete the ‘Contact Form’ on the website, our web person will receive this and forward it to the appropriate Steering Group members.

7. The above statements are of our (good) intentions but all our volunteers are human and mistakes can happen.

8. If you have any questions or wish to unsubscribe from the newsletter, close your membership or request that your details be deleted from our records please send an email to our membership clerk Kiera Faber email c/o clerk at (Replace the ‘ at ‘ with the usual @ (no spaces) in your mail program – this is to give our email addresses some protection from harvesting by spammers).

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