Book review of Michael Wright’s ‘Jesus today – a Quaker perspective’

Book review: Michael Wright’s  ‘Jesus today – a Quaker perspective’ by David Parlett (extracted from our forthcoming NFN Newsletter) Isn’t it remarkable how some of the best books on Jesus are written by former clerks of the Nontheist Friends Network? (David Boulton’s Who on Earth was Jesus?, published in 2008, became – and maybe still … Continue reading Book review of Michael Wright’s ‘Jesus today – a Quaker perspective’

NFN Collection of Quotations

A collection of quotations This collection is of quotations that speak significantly to some members of our Network. They are shared in the hope that you, the Reader, may find something that stimulates, helps, encourages, or challenges you in thinking how you understand and practice the Quaker way. (Originally compiled by Michael Wright when he … Continue reading NFN Collection of Quotations

Feedback and reflections on NFN MfW&CC 4 March 2021

As mentioned elsewhere in Comments, and as one of over 85 participants, I thought for a first attempt on zoom it went rather well tonight.  This seems like an excellent place for some ‘fizz’ (or is it ‘phys’, snap, crackle and pop?) on the website. I would like to invite all present at the meeting … Continue reading Feedback and reflections on NFN MfW&CC 4 March 2021

History of the NFN – 2

Here’s a second instalment of early NFN history. This also serves as a bit of a tour around the site: visit our articles page and hit the link to newsletters ‘at bottom of page’  where you will see newsletters from 2013-14 and onwards (direct link: ). If you then scroll up a little, … Continue reading History of the NFN – 2

2018 Conference Reports

I have prepared summary reports of the presentations by Linda Murgatroyd, David Boulton and Harvey Gillman here.  (Each runs to 3 or 4 pages). The opening paragraphs below link to those reports (in Word).  Trevor Linda Murgatroyd’s presentation. (Friday evening 9th March 2018) Responding to Change. Under this title, Linda, of Kingston & Wandsworth AM … Continue reading 2018 Conference Reports

‘God, words and us’

‘God, words and us‘ is the title of a new 100 page book from Quaker books, edited by Helen Rowlands which summarises the findings of the ‘think-tank’ set up by the Revision Preparation Group (RPG) of Meeting for Sufferings to consider some of the issues prior to any possible revision of Quaker Faith and Practice. … Continue reading ‘God, words and us’

Three more articles reviewed!

Continuing very slowly my promise to review earlier articles on the website, I would like to tackle three in one go: Michael Wright’s articles on Greta Vosper, Disagreeing about God and Prayer beyond belief. Michael opens his discussion of Greta Vosper with: Gretta Vosper, a Minister in the United Church of Canada, and Chair of … Continue reading Three more articles reviewed!


A listing of conferences and events past, present and future: New NFN monthly Meeting for Worship and Creative Conversation By Zoom on the first Thursday of the month at 7:00pm UK time, starting on Thursday 4 March, 2021. All are welcome. (Click on post above for details) Preliminary details of the July 2021 online conference … Continue reading Events