Nontheist Quakers: Annual Conference 2020

Nontheist Friends Network Annual Conference 2020 will be held at Friends’ House, Euston, London from Saturday 28th – Sunday 29th March 2020.

Friends' House, Euston
Friends’ House, Euston, London NW1 2BJ

“That’s the Spirit! – Dimensions of Spirituality”

This marks a change from our usual weekend conference at Woodbrooke but we hope it will make it easier, not only for Friends from London but also from all those places from which it is much easier to get to London than Woodbrooke (almost everywhere except the West Midlands!).

It will also be substantially cheaper (even with a night’s accommodation in London) and the 24 hours attendance will be easier for some but also allow time for London sightseeing for those to whom that appeals.

Saturday 28 and Sunday 29 March Friends House, London
With keynote speakers:
Andrew Copson (Chief Executive, Humanists UK),
Dinah Livingstone (Editor ‘Sofia’, Sea of Faith)
 Gill Pennington (former Spirituality Tutor, Woodbrooke)
includes Saturday evening dinner and Sunday lunch: £50

From Saturday:1.30 Welcome, notices, etc.
To: Sunday 4.00 Closing MfW, 4.30 Departure

Our aim: to explore theological and spiritual diversity, and their practical implications, in respectful acceptance of different views, experiences and journeys.

To book or for further details please email Roger Warren Evans:
roger(at) (!Replace (at) with usual @ symbol!!).
Tel: 01792 367461

2020 NFN conference BOOKING FORM (Word.doc – filling it in here and email to Roger also acceptable) (Send to Roger, address as on Form – NOT to Friends’ House!)
2020 NFN conference BOOKING FORM (pdf)(better for printing?)

This, the ninth annual conference organised by the Nontheist Friends Network, will include opportunities to share and learn about aspects of its work – a forum for Friends who view religion as a human creation.


7 thoughts on “Nontheist Quakers: Annual Conference 2020”

  1. What time will it be starting on Sunday morning? I’m going to need to check train times & prices as I suspect it’ll be cheaper to go home than to stay in London.


  2. Trevor, it’s no contest. My rail-card will knock third of that train ticket price. So an hour peacefully reading my book plus home comforts it will be.


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