A new homepage – experimentally

Through the history of this website since 2016 we have offered different pages as the homepage (‘landing page’) at different times. (If you follow any of the links below they open in the same window or tab so use your ‘back button’ in the browser to return here).

In the beginning it was our About page (still available!) virtually copy-pasted from the earlier website hand-coded by Brian Wardrop.  From time to time it was our News (posts) page – THIS very page.  For much of the last 15 months it has been our monthly Meeting and Creative Conversation’s page.

At other times it may have been a Conference page or the Events page. You may sometimes see this in future if we have any more conferences or events. These changes have always been motivated by NFN activity and a wish to bring the currently most relevant information to your immediate attention. (did I forget to put in a plug for our Articles page?)

Meanwhile we have a new home page offered experimentally, subject to amendment or ‘tweaking’ and your comments or suggestions will be very welcome.

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