Web Working Group – test-Trevor-as-Contributor

A little tutorial. The new web working group comprises Chris, Catherine, Steven, Tim (the last three on the Steering Group), Ella and myself Trevor.

So, having gone through some hoops (using a different web-browser, otherwise wordpress thinks I’m the same old Trevor and won’t let me play this game) I follow the invite link, do the necessary to sign up as a new user then follow this invite link to arrive at an ‘admin’ page and choose ‘Posts’ from the left-hand black column and notice in the top right-hand corner of the window ‘Screen Options’, ‘Help’ and ‘View’. None of it makes much sense (even to me!) but ‘View’ gives me a choice of the default design (new ‘Block’) editor and the ‘old’ Classic editor. I choose the default (Block) and am horrified so follow the mini-tutorial on the left of that window – I’m still horrified (incomprehensible to me) so I go back (with a little difficulty) and choose the Classic editor instead.

So I end up here, it looks very easy (but I am familiar with it!) – and I can still edit the HTML (Text in the top right corner of the editing window) if I want to. If I don’t, I just type away here (in ‘Visual’ mode) – easy peasy.

Then I can ‘Submit for Review’ (so the old Trevor or Tim) could review and publish! I might do that.

I can also choose other Formats in the right-hand column (though I can’t think that they are all appropriate); I can choose Categories just below that (recommended, otherwise it’s uncategorised) and I can add Tags below that – taking the easy option and choosing from the most used tags – or write in a new one (Add) which I’ll call ‘Tutorial’. (I’ll also choose Articles from the most used even though it’s a post and I could add my name if I haven’t used that as my user name.

I can Save the Draft (top of column on right – takes a few seconds) and also Preview which might be a good idea?

At this point I can see I have typed 327 words. (328)

I don’t see below here the option to allow comments or Replies to the post – will have to investigate!

I can close the Preview window to return here and continue editing and the Preview showed me that Comments (Leave a Reply) are enabled. Please comment!

I’m now up to 400 words and will submit for review – hope it’s useful.

2 thoughts on “Web Working Group – test-Trevor-as-Contributor”

  1. Thanks Izzy, they are indeed. Normally that’s visible to me when I’m ‘Admin’ but I was experimenting with introducing members of the working group to being ‘Contributors’ to the website so signed up as a Contributor myself (different email and different browser) to see what they would see – and their editor window doesn’t reveal that Comments are enabled.


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