Careful Discernment or Spiritual Timidity

Friends might like to read this from Friends Journal:

(Friends Journal, the major publication of Friends Publishing Corporation, is the consolidation of two previous Quaker publications and corporations, Friends Intelligencer (Hicksite) and The Friend (Orthodox), at the time of reunification of the two yearly meetings in Philadelphia.)

5 thoughts on “Careful Discernment or Spiritual Timidity”

  1. I find this article most thought provoking. Ironically I’m reading this on Oct. 12th, which for at least for two centuries has been “Columbus Day in America. Todays calendar, however makes no mention of the Italian explorer….who has fallen into a bit of disfavor. Instead we are celebrating “Indigenous Peoples Day” to honor the original American natives who were savagely murdered or succumbed to disease brought from Europe.
    Estimates are somewhere around 80% for these (Indians) who died in the land grabbers quest for land, much of it ,at the direction of religious zeal.


  2. Non-theist Friends, atheist / agnostic Quakers, Trevor, in the British Isles, the USA (and potentially in all ~200 other countries),


    … here … Careful Discernment or Spiritual Timidity? October 1, 2020 By Kat Griffith

    I searched on Friends’ Journal and Nontheist Friends (in Google) and found this in FJ, and interestingly by a Quaker psychiatrist who has worked in the US – Confessions of a Nontheistic Friend June 1, 2003 By David E. Drake

    (And I also found this – Publications on Quaker Nontheism

    Am appreciative re the ‘spiritual’ word, also of the ‘philosophy’ word and regarding the Quakerly ‘discernment’ word, regarding aspects of non-theism (for me) – Atheism and Agnosticism

    Am also appreciative of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy (even regarding a kind of friendly – small f – approach to philosophy), and found in a related vein – Philosophy of Psychiatry

    Am also appreciative of another non-theistically Friendly-related brilliant psychiatrist’s thinking (George was also a family friend with whom my family shared Xmas meal with for about 23 years), but unfortunately he published very little (yet am re-sharing this FJ’s article of his – and re the discernment word too) –

    Separation of Church and State January 1, 2008 By George L. Alexander MD

    I think nontheist Friends’ thinking, because of a liberation from the divine or similar language, also open an opportunity for Friends and Quakers to explore psychiatry in our Meetings, for example, much more fully than Friends do now (and newly online especially), and in this regard, see Minute 4C in the NtF-informed World Univ & Sch Monthly Business Meeting Minutes from last month …

    … regarding Friends Hospital in Philadelphia, and even new kinds of online asylum (which could also involve online psychiatry for Friends as well)!

    NtF greetings, Scott

    On Mon, Oct 12, 2020 at 2:24 PM Non-theist Friends Network wrote:

    > Trevor posted: “Friends might like to read this from Friends Journal: > > (Friends Journal, the major publication of Friends Publishing Corporation, > is the consolidation of two previous Quaker pu” >


  3. Non-theist Friends,

    Regarding all these Friends’ Journal related links below, Friendly psychiatry online too, – the former clerk of SF Friends’ Meeting, and now the executive director of Friends’ Center, Christopher Morh, in Philadelphia recently Tweeted:

    Friends Journal traces its history back to The Friend, “a religious and literary journal” put out by John Richardson in Philadelphia. The first issue came out on “Seventh Day, Tenth Month, 13, 1827,” which makes today our 193rd anniversary of continuous publication!

    Just Tweeted, in these regards – Friends Journal, formerly The Friend. begins abt 10 years after Friends’ Hospital opens doors: Online MD psychiatry planned @WorldUnivAndSch > (#NontheistFriends) #CoronaVirus Psychiatry > #WUaSPsychiatry ~

    Just rising from morning NtQuaker Meeting in the manner of Friends, Scott included some of this thread, along with an Angela & Victor Yoga Tweet, and more –


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