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Below are articles as well as links to external web sites which may be of interest to nontheist Quakers. Latest additions are at the top. The UK Nontheist Friends Network produces a regular newsletter, recent copies of which can be accessed below.


  • "Where do nontheist Friends stand in relation to the Quaker Christian tradition?"At the 2014 nontheist Friends annual conference, two Friends challenged the assembly to state where they stood in relation to the Christian tradition.NFN Steering Group member Hugh Rock develops his response to this.

  • Woodbrooke meeting to discusss Theism/Non-theismIn an article first published in The Friend, Michael Wright reports on a theist/non-theist 'think tank' gathering at Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre convened as part of the preparation for a future revision of Quaker Faith & Practice

  • Knowledge, Belief, Faith. An article by Bob Booth, first published in Quaker Universalist. Bob suggests that our increase in knowledge leads to a more universal faith and that this should affect revision of Quaker Faith & Practice. Reproduced with permission of author and editor.

  • Six Quakers & Nontheism. An Essex & Suffolk regional gathering at which six members of NFN discussed nontheism.

  • I believe. The contribution that nontheist Jean Wardrop made at the London Quakers event "What do we think about God"

  • Being Quaker now. Michael Wright gives a personal response to the views put forward in the 2014 Swarthmore Lecture by Ben Pink Dandelion.

  • Conference Report. Michael Wright gives a short report on the NFN 2014 Conference.

  • Book Review. David Boulton reviews a new book by US nontheist Os Cresson, 'Quaker and Naturalist Too'

  • Sunday Assembly. Michael Wright gives his impressions of participating in a Sunday Assembly

  • Quaker Diversity. Transcript of talk by Paul Bates given at the Frederick St Meeting in Belfast on Sunday 24 Nov 2013.

  • Prayer beyond belief. Transcript of talk by Michael Wright, and workshop material from NFN Regional Conference, 19 Oct 2013 in Chelmsford, Essex.

  • Disagreeing about God. Michael Wright welcomes the fact that Friends describe their experiences differently. Published in the Friend, 18 Oct 2013.

  • Continuing Revelation. Jean Wardrop considers nontheism in the context of a Quaker heritage of theological diversity and change.

  • Gretta Vosper. Michael Wright on her approach to prayer

  • Quaker Discernment: a non-theist view. Sarah Richards contributed this article following questions raised about ‘discernment’ at the NFN open meeting at Yearly Meeting on 25 May 2013.

  • Nontheism among Friends: Conference of the Nontheist Friends Network at Woodbrooke, 09-11 March 2012; Minute and Epistle